2 Years

53 Credits

CAMPEP Accredited

Diagnostic Specialty

Through our CAMPEP-accredited curriculum, students learn the following concepts and methodologies:

All students in the program take a set of general required courses as well as specialized courses in the area of Diagnostic Radiology.

Radiology is the medical field that uses radiation and other physical means, such as magnetic resonance and ultrasound, to produce images, revealing detailed atlases of the human body and information about bodily function. Such imaging is used to diagnose disease and track the effects of treatment. Interventional radiology uses real-time 2- and 3-dimensional imaging to help guide surgical procedures.

Students will learn:

  • How to use diagnostic imaging equipment
  • All aspects of quality assurance required for the safe and effective use of diagnostic imaging equipment
  • How to calculate the radiation exposure from the equipment and estimate the radiation dose to patients

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